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outshined by a sun so bright
no one appreciates my night
all have left me in the cold
shadows are left to take hold

wallowing in jealousy
strange creatures call out to we
leading us onto this dark path
soon all wilt face our wrath

we shalt eclipse thy sun of thine
overpowered by moon's shine
don't you see we do this for love
please marvel at my stars above

now is the time for darkness eternal
guided by creatures so infernal
ye shalt all behold my infamy
as we bring on the night eternally
Nightmare Moon
i know, not an original idea, but i was struggling to think of lyrics for an industrial song i'm working on so i went with a concept that's been used common enough already, lol. i just hope i can make it work for the song.

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oo baby, you so sexy
won't you come by and have some fun with me?

I'm lascivious
a horny creeper
she's delicious
i want to keep her

oo baby, you so fine
don't you think my advances are out of line?

because I'm lascivious
a horny creeper
she's delicious
and i want to keep her

never have I seen a girl so hot
I want her, and I shall have her
whether she likes it or not
I will get her, and keep her forever
and ever, and ever, and ever

lecherous longing
cursed concupiscence
beast of the loins tempting the mind
corrupting the conscience
some try to kill their animal
others can only put it to sleep
and if it reawakens again
behold the coming of the creep

oo baby, no means yes
can't a guy just feel what's underneath your dress?

oo baby, kick my balls
pepper spray my face and make some phone calls

oo baby, hunt me down
beaten, castrated, and ran out of town
forever, and ever, and ever, and ever
A Rapist's Autobiography
first of all, this song is supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, just want to throw that out there, and it's not exactly supposed to be taken literally, and it's based on a concept of a male who has either a blurred moral compass, sexual desires out of his control, or just generally not a good person in general.

 i realize that the whole "consent" issue is a popular topic in these progressive times, so i decided to address the issue in a sort of odd and ironic way, which i had thought of the lyrics in plan to make a sort of funk house or electro influenced R&B song with it, but we'll see how my plans go with that.

 until then, this is just another lyric that will sit on the backburner, and maybe end up being a failed idea in itself like many of my forgotten lyrics. but for the time being, i thought this was an interesting way to express my general concerns about the statistical nightmare that there is a bit of an issue with many males feeling like they have right-of-way with the female body, and i'd like to think that this isn't a big problem anymore, but i know too many people who claimed to have had unwanted advances brought upon them, or worse.

 the world is a cruel place i guess, people gotta learn personal space and respect.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
time to revamp my bio again...

i'm big into music, i try to write lyrics from time to time, i keep my collection of which on this site. i play guitar and have been trying to compose music to go with my many lyrics, but my lyrics greatly outnumber my compositions. i'm mostly into subgenres of rock, metal, and punk, but i find i can like at least one band from almost any style. i'm not on this site very often anymore, but i still come on once in a while for different reasons, like posting something new, or looking for cool art or cosplay. that's about it i suppose.

Journal History

the only things that inspire me to write are either satires of things, or my unending misery or moments of impulsive anger, and with this in mind, i feel like i lost the will to even writing anymore, i'm a broken record, and hell, i've even used that as a theme for my writing as well, so what's left?  when i am a person with no new progress in life to write poems or lyrics about, and i don't feel fueled to write about extroverted topics...

i mean, i could write everyday of how i'm a human waste, that i'm a leech on society and my friends and family, that i'm lazy and lack drive and seems like i'm only existing because i don't want to not exist, otherwise i have no point in living really, but due to stubbornness, i continue each day out in habit...

my fantasies of being a renown musician is pretty much as much of a struggling idea as a turtle wanting to be an olympic runner, it's been almost a decade since i owned a guitar, and i only composed one instrumental track, and i only have a handful of other riffs figured out, and plus i've written so many lyrics impulsively about specific situations, i can't even stand looking at most of them anymore, they are mere staples of a period of time for me, i can't use them for music...

this is all very difficult, and above all things, my past delusions of "soul-mates" pretty much died a couple years ago, even so, i feel that emptiness is still there, i hate seeing other couples, i try to be happy for them, but my deep hidden envy hates it, it's selfish, but i can't help this feeling, and yet, as much as i hate seeing it, i have to see it, i have to see others happy, i have to see those couples do well, i become vicarious, so as much as i am jealous or envious, i know that they deserve the love they share, and i will just be an empty shell trying to enjoy something i'll never have, through the souls of others...

~sigh~ i miss having creativity, i was a Dungeon Master/Game Master for a Pathfinder campaign i improvised off of Rhapsody Of Fire's Enchanted Lands, but that all went to hell when one of my players got caught smoking weed by his parents, which the blame was wrongfully put on my other friend who is a co-DM for me who was planning on starting his campaign soon, but now they are not allowed to be around each other anymore  -.-

all the creativity i expressed in my campaign is now left for waste, we don't want to play without the one dude, and plus, i've been trying to co-DM his campaign, so this really kicks me hard...
  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: Dragonforce - Scars of Yesterday
  • Playing: Tibia

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