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he was a liar and a thief
a liar and a thief

your last lie
was that you would overcome
the obstacles through thick and thin
you wanted to excel and win
if one is weak then it becomes stronger
for some perhaps it just takes longer
but you turned your back on that path
running towards the gates of oblivion

a liar and a thief

the last thing you stole
was the keys to the exit
as you ran to the otherworld
passing the barrier of life
without even looking back
at the damage you would cause
now everything is lost
you ran through the gates of oblivion

he was a liar and a thief
he said strength was his belief
the war machine crafted for him
was not enough to conquer
he was a liar and a thief
desperately seeking relief
he did what he wilt
but his star shone bleak
he was a liar and a thief
to escape his own grief
he ran off the path of true will
to meet his fate in oblivion
he was a liar and a thief
his time here with us was brief
now all we have left is dead weight
he crossed through oblivion's gate

he is gone.
Sometimes The Brightest Stars Burn Out Fastest
this is a long overdue write, dedicated to my nephew LCpl Jeremiah Giggles Collins, who had committed suicide oct 5th in 2013.  it was a big shock to me, considering how much he would berate me and say that i was weak, and he was strong, and that the weak must become strong, blah blah blah, he was a Thelemite.  he was into Egyptian mythology to a certain degree and looked up to Aleister Crowley.  he was a fun person, when he was not lying, stealing, or just being an asshole in general, and it was mostly just to me he was an asshole too  :p  but i still miss him, he was cool, and he touched many lives and had many good friends.
of my most fatal flaws
i'm intolerant to rejection
i yearn to be loved
and i'd settle to be hated

whether by accident or with intent
i abhor being ignored
and the irritation of being forgotten

i'm fading in your memories
spite me with stentorian silence
attempts to call out to you fail
and my cries are disregarded

how long must i wait for reply?
no answers given nor goodbye

whether by accident or with intent
i abhor being ignored
and the irritation of being forgotten

i just can't let go
of wanting acknowledgement
my impatience grows
like a cancer slowly killing me from within
i just can't let go
agony filled with each passing moment
only time will know
if there'll be an end to this shism
Silence So Loud It Deafens Me
i wrote this to express how much i hate A: being ignored and/or "blocked", B: forgotten about and/or flaked out on, and C: feeling rejected in general.  the inspiration for this is varied, so unlike some of my really straight forward things i've written in the past, i made this one a bit mixed sourced, which i noticed a lot of writers do, but i tend to avoid doing since i am OCD about writing.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
falling under their rule
children of today spoonfeed lies
idealisms of modern society
i'd say it's about time to break ties
stand the fuck up Americans
stand the fuck up my children
don't let them tell you what to do
don't let them tell you what to say
just because they say shit
doesn't mean it's true
don't fucking let them have their way!

babies being locked up left and right
due process being lead by the blind
over-protective hearts shape the world
desire to control every body and mind
but stand the fuck up against them
stand up against ones who quell freedom
don't let them tell you what the fuck to do
don't let them tell you what the fuck to think
just because they say shit
doesn't fucking mean it's true
defy the tyrants and fall out of their sync!

who are they to regulate
what you do with your body?
who are they to propagate
what they think is right and wrong?
stand up, break the norm
stand up, do not conform
stand up, break the norm
stand up, do not conform
stand up! stand the fuck up!
Children, Stand Up!
i've been listening to Rage Against The Machine more often lately, and there are things that bug me about the world, aside from what they even talk about.  i personally think we need to reform a lot of laws, especially sex laws.  it's cool that parents and the governments of the world want to protect children, that is great, but these laws are sloppy and double edged, and everytime i hear about some bullshit arrest, i just want to punch something.  this is just the top of the iceberg for me too, and i try not to let these things bother me, but i knew if i was in charge, things would be different, i would have police fucking do their jobs and actually SERVE the public and not bully them, i would crack down on corruption on all levels.  to tell you the truth, i would opt to be president at near minimum wage, and those fuckers in congress would get pay cuts, that money deserves to go back to the people, but i do agree, we should have some level of screening for welfare, and limit it a bit more, we spend way too much money on that shit, we spend way too much on a lot of shit, we need to cut back the military a bit, not necessarily the troops, but we need to chill out on the technology costs, i mean jeez, don't we have enough cool shit?  and we are also wasting time and money with alien technology, and don't get me wrong, it's good to have interest in that, but we focus too much on militarizing it, we should be using that stuff more for education, renewable energy, and just about anything else.  i know that fear and power hunger are major factors, we are afraid that other countries are gonna get supertech above us, and we desire the power to be able to fight back if the day ever comes that WW3 starts.  but man, i digress, this lyric is about children, it's about how we are brainwashing society into thinking half of everything is rape, because sex is bad?  and i can dig and understand not wanting seasoned adults getting it on with kids, that makes perfect sense why a lot would be disgusted with that idea.  but let me paint you a fucking picture America, kids are getting arrested, and put on the sex offenders list, every day, for stupid shit like: having mutual sex with their high school girlfriend/boyfriends, sexting to their friends or lovers, having photos of themselves undressed, etc, etc.  there are soooooo many better ways to handle these situations, but instead, we fucking have the FBI with guns pointing at our kids, treating them like hardcore convicted sex criminals, over misunderstandings, and natural sexual experimentation, that is of NO FUCKING BUSINESS OF THE FUCKING GOD DAMN GOVERNMENT.  and parents, i understand you want to protect your kids from heading down wrong paths in life, but you were kids once, sometimes people just gotta live life and make their own mistakes, and this goes both ways, kids gotta start being more open and honest with their parents when they start getting into romance, we have to start breaking this schism, gotta start mending the relationships between parents and their kids, it's like all parents want to do is rule over their kids bodies with an iron fist, and the kids retaliate by defying, lying, and hiding from their parents, this shit has got to stop, we have to stop letting fear dictate our lives, we have to stop letting the government dictate our lives, this is supposed to be a FREE country, but please tell me, i'm begging you, where the FUCK, is our FREEDOM!?


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
time to revamp my bio again...

i'm big into music, i try to write lyrics from time to time, i keep my collection of which on this site. i play guitar and have been trying to compose music to go with my many lyrics, but my lyrics greatly outnumber my compositions. i'm mostly into subgenres of rock, metal, and punk, but i find i can like at least one band from almost any style. i'm not on this site very often anymore, but i still come on once in a while for different reasons, like posting something new, or looking for cool art or cosplay. that's about it i suppose.

Journal History

the only things that inspire me to write are either satires of things, or my unending misery or moments of impulsive anger, and with this in mind, i feel like i lost the will to even writing anymore, i'm a broken record, and hell, i've even used that as a theme for my writing as well, so what's left?  when i am a person with no new progress in life to write poems or lyrics about, and i don't feel fueled to write about extroverted topics...

i mean, i could write everyday of how i'm a human waste, that i'm a leech on society and my friends and family, that i'm lazy and lack drive and seems like i'm only existing because i don't want to not exist, otherwise i have no point in living really, but due to stubbornness, i continue each day out in habit...

my fantasies of being a renown musician is pretty much as much of a struggling idea as a turtle wanting to be an olympic runner, it's been almost a decade since i owned a guitar, and i only composed one instrumental track, and i only have a handful of other riffs figured out, and plus i've written so many lyrics impulsively about specific situations, i can't even stand looking at most of them anymore, they are mere staples of a period of time for me, i can't use them for music...

this is all very difficult, and above all things, my past delusions of "soul-mates" pretty much died a couple years ago, even so, i feel that emptiness is still there, i hate seeing other couples, i try to be happy for them, but my deep hidden envy hates it, it's selfish, but i can't help this feeling, and yet, as much as i hate seeing it, i have to see it, i have to see others happy, i have to see those couples do well, i become vicarious, so as much as i am jealous or envious, i know that they deserve the love they share, and i will just be an empty shell trying to enjoy something i'll never have, through the souls of others...

~sigh~ i miss having creativity, i was a Dungeon Master/Game Master for a Pathfinder campaign i improvised off of Rhapsody Of Fire's Enchanted Lands, but that all went to hell when one of my players got caught smoking weed by his parents, which the blame was wrongfully put on my other friend who is a co-DM for me who was planning on starting his campaign soon, but now they are not allowed to be around each other anymore  -.-

all the creativity i expressed in my campaign is now left for waste, we don't want to play without the one dude, and plus, i've been trying to co-DM his campaign, so this really kicks me hard...
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